22 nov 2016

Seatalk Wireless Remote Control - Keypad PIC16F628A

Seatalk Wireless Remote Control
 *Keypad *

PIC 16F628A  version :

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  1. Hello,
    I've constructed the seatalk & arduino bridge and trying to test the autopilot remote control program , without RC and modified version of seatalk_rx.ino program to eliminate rc key etc. just using usb serial of a mac and arduino uno at home with a repeater display (ST60multi). When I send the LAMP_ON command via serial usb, the send keystroke function cannot work if I just disconnect 12V + of seatalk then I can see loop executed (by serial monitor output).
    Q1: Is my test setup of just one repeater is not enough?
    Q2: On the Seatalk-ArduinoUno bridge there seems a connection beteween Seatalk +12V and Arduino main power plug connection, since arduino uno fed with +5Volts I cannot be sure about this and left those unconnected, am I missing something?
    Thanks and Regards,

  2. Can you send me a diagram of your connections?
    Try this:

  3. Thank you very much.

    I 'm actually using diagram bridge of st4001 remote command for communication with Seatalk of ST60 Multi Repeater and Arduino UNO , with slightly modified code for usb serial monitor input and output.
    I had to replace the 2N4402 transistor with BC327-25 (2N4402 is not available now)

    Since my Arduino Uno fed from usb connected to Mac, no connection between seatalk +12V & Arduino Uno power possible ( +5v & +12V ?) as opposed to original diagram.

    With modified code and breadboard layout:
    i- If I connect +12V of Seatalk to R2-Q1 junction nothing happens, code not executes ( no serial output message)
    ii-if i disconnect +12V of seatalk to R2-Q1 junction, code executes, prints to serial but no response (light on or off )from ST60 Multi
    Just tested today via connecting to seatalk smart computer S2, same results without success.
    You have mentioned in blog using this ST4001, should I connect bridge directly to ST6001 and disconnect smartpilt computer connection to ST6001 also?

    Kind regards,
    sancan.cokacar@gmail.com (cannot add diagram or code due page limit)

  4. Hi,
    I can confirm it is working. Thank you very much.
    To share what I tested and leant:
    -Arduino Uno should be fed via 12v power source for the bridge correct functioning
    -Multi repeater responds to 80 00 00 or 80 00 0C , hence I assume bridge should be directly connected to an AP head, not a repeater to function. Will try with my AP head.
    Thanks a lot, I plan to use the bridge&arduinouno&program to communicate with SignalK now.
    Best Regards,